Timing System

DHRA Timing Systems

A complete system with all the latest standards. We take timing seriously………..

Timing Truck

A one stop solution for every dragrace event. This truck contains all the necessary equipment and reserve equipment you’ll ever need. The most flexible and reliable mobile timing system and above all a great appearance.

Computer operation room

The heart of the timing for all systems and from just one room. All operations can be moderated and monitored from a stand alone computer system with a constant back up server.

DHRA tree

A fully self build tree, featuring a Sportsman, Full and Pro tree system with the newest THRU start timing system online if required.

(paper) time slips

Custom, overview and digital timeslips available. Printed versions with a clear layout by a professional laser printer garantee a perfect readable timeslip even after 10 years.

presentation and board room

The DHRA timing truck features an extra multifunctional and airconditioned room inside. Real time monitoring for live presentation or often used as a closed meeting room or for crew.

Additional equipment

-Truss system

-Webcam service

-Burnout water system

-Time slip and announcement boards

-Starting time announcement board

-Online registration tool

-EDRS championship

-Track management

-Organisation assistance

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