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    because safety matters…
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Technical inspection is important to us, why?

To Keep a fair race

One of the Technical inspection task to keep every competitor within his/her class regulations.

is it safe to race?

We are there to make sure that competitors drive safely from a technical point of vieuw. We all know that competitors work hard to prepare there car or bike. But when time is running out defaults may occure. We are there to check so that they can focus on racing and the organisation keeps his public safe.

Protect the spectators

Nobody wants to get hurt, and nobody wants to be responsible for parts scattering the track. therefor DHRA technical inspectors are there to check if the vehicle is up to safety standards.

What more does DHRA technical inspection offer

Certified Inspectors

Al 14 inspectors are cerified. This can be with KNAF, DMSB, SFI or a combination of. 5 inspectors have a SFI chassie certification. This level certification and knowledge insurres the safest level of participation.

Scale services

DHRA tech department has his own certified scale on board. For weighing the vehicle for competition use or own knowledge

pre race advice

Before any race we are there to assist any driver with questions. This prevents drivers not being accepted at the event.

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